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Take the most advantage out of your mobile device, with this app.

CM Launcher allows you to improve your device’s capacities by making it work faster and perform all functions easily and with no effort. This Clean Master app boost your device performance, whether it’s a phone or a tablet, and increases its starting ability by 100%. Sounds amazing? That’s because it is.

Not only is this the safest launcher in the market, but it also comes with different features that will help you take the most out of your device. Long are the days of having to wait for several minutes so that your device could end a task. Now you will be able to reach its most potential just with a single app.

One of CM Launcher’s best features is its size. The app takes only 1MB of your memory and improves your device capacity significantly. Also, you will be able to load your apps and surf the web with amazing speed. All this without taking much space from your device and with the single goal of improving your experience.

Not only that, CM Launcher is also extremely secure as it uses the world’s first antivirus engine, thus protecting your personal info and data, while protecting the device from any possible malware or virus. If that’s not enough, you can also expect the app to organize your apps into folders and make different recommendations, while providing you with different wallpapers which you can customize to make it fit your personality.

What are you waiting for? Download CM Launcher now and enjoy your device’s full capacities.


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A aplicação passou os testes de segurança para vírus, malware e outro tipo de ataques malíciosos e não contêm ameaças.

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